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Kicking Off Community Conversations with AAVP

AAVP recognizes that there are voices missing from the violence prevention table. It's not that the communities those voices belong to are not doing work to end violence. It's more like we have not made enough room at the violence prevention table for everyone to have a seat. AAVP is endeavoring to change that through community conversations.

AAVP wants to partner with underrepresented communities and those that are working within those communities to address violence. We want to offer a platform to raise up those voices speaking out about violence while giving each community space to engage in the dialogues specific to their communities.

In other words, AAVP will provide the platform but community partners determine the speakers and the topics/issues.

During this time of COVID, AAVP is offering an online platform and space to create a virtual community but is looking for community partnership to identify those that will lead conversations and what those conversation will be about.

If you would like to be a part of the the community conversations or have topic to suggest, please reach out to us. You can email us at or you can submit your ideas on AAVP's new event page.

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